GEN3DLIFE TIN2014-52211-C2
Generation, simulation and interactive visualization of 3D geometric models from large data sets with applications in human environments and life quality improvement

Starting at January 2015 - Finishing at December 2017

This project addresses the problem of finding new mechanisms for the processing, presentation, manipulation and interaction with huge data sets, that maximize their ease of comprehension, and that do that in an efficient way. The project also deals with the development of new interaction techniques based on capturing user movements. Despite the cross-subject nature of the task we propose, our specific goals are oriented towards providing the required technologies to facilitate the development of 3D applications targeting life quality improvement, both in health aspects (medical diagnosis, drug development) and human environments (crowd simulation, urban planning, cultural heritage, energy analysis).

Financing institution: Spanish "Ministerio de Economia y Competitidad" and FEDER funds.

  • Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya TIN2014-52211-C2-1-R
  • Universitat de Girona TIN2014-52211-C2-2-R